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Our design agency from Duesseldorf has prepared some information on the main design tendencies out of which your company can take advantage to improve your interaction with clients. If you happen to have any question regarding our agency, design or website development, do not hesitate to contact us by filling in the “contact us” form.


Design has always been and will be a business card of every company. In many cases, the feelings we have determine what kind of products we choose. Therefore, it is important to convey to your clients the ideas and objectives which your company brings to the consumer market.

Graphic design


It’s unsubtle that each huge company that has been running its business for years should have a great amount of products and graphical elements. In the list below, we have showed the necessary stages from the perspective of high-quality website development:

  • Logotypes - modern and stylish logotype;
  • CI or Corporate Identity - company style development and its application in the enterprise’s life;
  • Marketing-Konzept - the way a trademark or a brand bills itself on the market;
  • Moquaps and Prototyps - website prototype which allows to streamline the logic, text size, objectives and website roadmap;
  • Grafik Illustrationen - illustrations which can be used in different presentations as well as on the company’s website;
  • Web Design - web design finalization on the basis of previously developed prototype and corporate style.

Important! Take a look at our design category to find useful material which you can apply in your online business. Besides, we show there the way we designed a logotype for Awescode.

Awescode Logo Physical Prototype
Photo of the company logo


Sometimes, developers sacrifice the quality of work for the sake of its visual appeal at the stage of website design creation. In our practice we do not allow such a development. Each of our designs is carefully thought through not only in terms of the visual component and usability (though, this is the matter of the first importance as well!), but also in terms of its efficient and qualitative work in the future. 

The positioning of company on the web and search for new clients are the ultimate goal of any Internet project.

Therefore, we create design in such a way that to make it user-friendly, efficient and properly displayed on the mobile devices of different types – because today more and more Internet users browse the webpages on tablets and smartphones. We manage to see through Google Tag Manager whether the desired goal has been achieved and the visitors are interested in. We carefully monitor such indicators as page leaving, the number of clicks and page transitions, time spent on the website, etc.

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