Professional company logo design

Physical logo prototype

Physical logo prototypeThe development of proper design that will ensure the success of the whole project and increase users’ confidence begins with the process of logo design. A logo has a major role to reflect the essence and principles of the company. That is why when we start creating the basic idea of the logo, we aim to find relevant and popular images that evoke right associations and attract Internet users. To achieve that, initially we use a physical logo prototypemade out of paper. This approach allows us to put the logo together from different paper elements and quickly form a variety of options. In the light of modern minimalist trends in design, it is a lot faster and illustrative to design a logo in paper than by means of specialized software.

Lighting considerations

Lighting considerationsAt this stage, we create a physical copy of the logo, which form will be as close as possible to the final version. The further designers’ work is aimed at studying the play of light and shadows. Such approach allows us to clearly understand what we see before us, identify potential shortcomings of the future logo, consider the texture and determine the object dimensions and projection. It is essential for real professionals in the web technology world, who are sparing no effort in creating natural-looking and impressive logos, to have a good understanding of light and shadow, and successfully apply this knowledge. The work in this direction can add depth and visual appeal to the logo design, make it look lively and naturally, and therefore, recognizable among the future site visitors.

Electronic logo prototype

Electronic logo prototypeAt this stage the values, obtained during the process of studying light and shadows of the logo physical copy, are digitized and transformed into the electronic prototype that will become the basis for the final version in electronic format. The process is carried out by means of one of the vector graphics software, for example, Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. The use of vector graphics makes it possible to scale the logo image effortlessly without losing its quality and employ it not only on the website but also in printed products. During the creation of electronic logo prototype, a designer, based on the customer wishes and preferences, can make some corrections, put the finishing touches to the details and bring the created object to perfection, paving the way for the final steps – selection of colors and styles. Based on the customer wishes and preferences, a designer can make some corrections during the creation of the electronic logo prototype, put the finishing touches to the details and bring the created object to perfection, therefore paving the way for the final steps – color and style selection. Thus, an electronic prototype is a kind of "frame". Subsequently, different styles will be applied to it, and then the best one will be chosen.

Color selection and finishing touches

Logo Color selectionThe work with the color scheme and selection of the most suitable style are the final steps of the logo development process. The color of the logo is the key element that allows public to form an idea about the company from the very first seconds. Each color has its own peculiarities and associations, and affects a person in some way. That is why it is so important to avoid mistakes while selecting a color scheme that will reflect the company’s personality in the best possible way and arouse right associations. Scientists claim that in the first 90 seconds people form a strong impression of the logo, and, hence, of the company without even thinking about it. And up to 90% of this opinion will depend on the color. The selection of the right style and the final applying of shadows on the logo will only strengthen the impression and complement the overall picture.

Logo variants from different designers in different styles

Several designers were employed to develop AWESCODE logo (on which example we have demonstrated the entire process from the collection and analysis of information about the company and its competitors to the final drawings) in order to present the greatest possible number of different in style variants. The final version has been chosen by selecting the optimal solution from a practical standpoint and on the basis of personal preferences.  It meets all requirements and works towards its final task that is to attract Internet users.

Awescode Logo v1Awescode Logo v2Awescode Logo v3Awescode Logo v4Awescode Logo v5Awescode Logo v6Awescode Logo v7Awescode Logo v8

The final version of logo

The considered above example of AWESCODE company logo has been designed in the form of a hexagon in three primary colors – blue, cyan and bright green, which symbolize the modern trends, bring the sensation of freshness and stability, and make positive impression about the company on a visitor. The logo is based on the two key figures – a hexagon and a programming symbol "/" (a sign in the form of a thin straight line that leans forward). Their combination not only fully meets the modern tendencies of minimalist design, but also most accurately reflects the essence of the company. The background gradient transition from blue to cyan and bright green, made of small hexagons, is another design discovery and the hallmark of the company. As a result, the combination of all these elements creates a complete corporate identity that corresponds to the modern web technologies, is easily recognizable to website users, meaningful and at the same time easy to understand.

The basic idea

Logo basic idea

Idea development

Logo Idea development

Different versions for every occasion

Logo versions

Connect to other elements of the CI

Logo with CI

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