Marketing concept of a website

Preliminary website layout

Preliminary layout of the website is created on the basis of data, collected in marketing and SEO researches, which are carried out before starting the main work. In order to make the first graphic sitemap informative, complete and requiring as little amendments as possible in future, a developer should have a clear understanding of how the company is positioning itself in the market, its strengths and weaknesses, how it differs from its competitors and what are company’s advantages over them. At the same time, semantic kernel of the site plays a crucial role at the earliest stages of website design.

Marketing concept of a website

It helps to determine site structure, number of pages and their content. Moreover, Internet marketing specialist and designers have to agree with a customer on the corporate style, including logo, color scheme and other elements of identity, before they start working on the preliminary website wireframes. Thus, the preliminary website layout is a kind of "outline" of how a developer sees the future site on the basis of data obtained from researches and customer briefings. Several options of preliminary layouts are usually offered to a client, each of them carefully studied and discussed. Some corrections and additions are made to the best in the opinion of the customer layout, so that the future website can fully satisfy the company's needs.

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