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Putting finishing touches to the website design

Once the customer has approved the website prototype, and the designers and professionals in such fields as 2D/3D graphics, animations and video materials have coped with the assigned tasks, we come to the final stage of our work with design, combining all the preliminary works into one final project, connecting animations and videos to the interface, and filling pages with unique illustrations.Of course, at this final stage in design development, a customer can add some minor corrections – the finishing touches that will become the logical completion of the future web resource appearance.

At this stage the design is completed. 

After that, the completed design is being finally approved by the client. If in future the customer changes their mind about any design elements, it will be rather problematic to make corrections to the design after the connection of software modules, databases and core functionality.
At this stage the creation of design is completed, and developers move to the next phase, where programmers will take over the further work with the resource. They will move from the stage Front End, dedicated to the public part of the website, to the stage Back End, and then to Server Side, after which the website creation process can be considered to be completed.

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