Wireframes and mockups of all website pages

After having agreed on the preliminary website layout, developers are moving to the next stage – the development of wireframes and mockups. First of all, let’s define what is understood by these terms.
Wireframe is the schematic maps of internal pages of all types without any specifications that only indicate the location of elements and links between them.This preliminary pattern is agreed with the client, so that they and the developer can build in mind a clear structure of the future site that fully meets its goals and objectives.

Mockup is the presentation of the website internal page design. Looking at this static sitemap, a client should form a clear understanding of how the website design will look and how the individual elements will function on the site pages.

Correctly made mockup visualizes future content, presents website structure, demonstrates key functionality and allows complete rechecking of the project visual side. 

Thus, as a result of the creation of wireframes and then mockups, both customer and developer are to find clear answers to the following questions:

  1. What materials will be placed on the website, what are the main types of the content?
  2. Where the certain elements will be located and how the information structure will look like?
  3. How the user will interact with interface?

Website Mockups

Combining materials and creation of the working prototype

Having agreed with the customer on wireframes and mockups, we come to the crucial part of the work that basically is a reliable "foundation" for the future website. We are talking about creating the prototype, that is, the working version of the future Internet resource that includes all types of internal pages.

The website prototype already contains some of design decisions, but does not include animations, complex 2D and 3D illustrations or promo videos. If the prototype of the future Internet resource is done correctly, it will allow the development team to save time and solve a number of important tasks for the layout of elements, their appearance, location and linkage. At the same time, designers, webpage designers and programmers receive an opportunity to experiment and find the best solution at the earliest stage of development.

As a result, a dynamic website prototype will be presented to the customer and make it possible to understand how the user can interact with the interface and what are the basic elements of design.
Agreed with the customer prototype will be a roadmap for the team of designers, content managers and programmers. Thus, after a client has given their final approval to the prototype, corrections to its structure can be made only under certain pre-agreed conditions.

Website Wireframe

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