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AMP Mobile WebsiteToday, the majority of users surf the Internet by means of mobile devices. Therefore, visitors are most likely to view website pages from tablets or smartphones, and if your web resource is not convenient to use, they can leave it for good. That is why it is important to pay special attention to the development of user-friendly interface of the website mobile version (AMP).

What is AMP mobile version?

  • Higher visibility rates in Google
  • More interactions and higher click rates

Google AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages as a positive SEO factor


Google AMPThere are several approaches to solving this problem, but we prefer to create a separate address and layout, located on the subdomain of the kind, and users are redirected by the server redirect.

In most cases, the owners of successful websites go beyond the development of the mobile version of their web resource and create special applications for tablets and smartphones that run on iOS and Android systems.

Statistics indicate that users spend no less time on applications than on the website mobile versions due to their usability. This means the creation of such application will be another step on your way to success on the Internet.

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