Technical Issues

What do we use to build websites?

In order to develop successful websites, we apply state-of-the-art technologies which allow us to make web-resources comfortable, functional and practical.


Therefore, we use both already existing CMS (Magento 1, Magento 2, Wordpress) and frameworks, which practically provide unlimited opportunities for creating outstanding websites (PHP Laravel, BackboneJS).

The key peculiarity of the content management systems Magento 1 and Magento 2 is their flexibility which allows maximally configure the functionality of the web-resource according to the necessities you have. In particular, provided you are thinking of creating a web store, these CMS will be of a great asset since they offer all the necessary tools to realize this kind of projects.

For you to be able to create extraordinary websites which possess complex functionality and comprise a great variety of functions, the application of already existing CMS is not always a great solution.

In this case, in order to meet the requirements of a customer, we utilize the platform PHP Laravel.

This framework opens up unlimited opportunities for web-developers and allows to create unique projects the analogue of which does not exist. We use PHP Laravel as our principal instrument for development. In fact, it permits to eliminate different security issues and at the same time makes the website extremely flexible for further development and integration with other systems.

For applications, the logic of which predominantly functions in front-end, we apply javascript frameworks such as AngularJS, BackboneJS, and VUE.js. These instruments allow us to create front-end applications of any complexity and load. There is a possibility to apply them separately or combine the power of several frameworks at a time.

Technical Issues

Web Secutiry

Today many popular websites are often exposed to the hacker attacks that can be directed at both the Web resource disruption and the stealing of users’ personal data. It is therefore necessary to pay utmost attention to the security issues. Finally, at this stage one should conduct a thorough work on fast loading of pages and all possible technical aspects, without which your website performance will decline significantly – RSS, sitemap, meta tags, etc.

You should start forming a new successful project from the software part. The presence of any technical errors and shortcomings will pose a threat to the further existence of your web resource. That is why, it is highly important to carefully check the website for errors in HTML and CSS, make sure that there are no disruptions in routing (i. e. all url-addresses are correct and forwarding is performed without interruption) and conduct a thorough server configuration.


When creating HTML5 code we use W3C for us to be able to prevent errors.

HTML5 LogoCSS3 LogoW3C LogoIOCheck Logo

With the help of the IOCheck Research Tool, we can precisely determine how many HTML tags as well as how much media and text content needed for each page.

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