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To ensure a successful project creation, we always pick the best development tools. Laravel Framework is considered as being the optimal solution for both custom and premium class projects. Our clients are not supposed to know all the specific features of a certain programming solution, which we apply during the development process, however, by providing a high-quality IT product, we prove to our clients the appropriateness of our choice which development tool to use.


Due to the Laravel Framework popularity, several decent development tools came out from the Laravel Community to better tackle different issues. Here is the list of instruments we apply while implementing our projects:

  • Laravel Framework -  suits the best for massive projects with complex a logic and heavy load. (to find more details, follow => Laravel)
  • Laravel Lumen is a great tool for the projects with a high attendance since such modification easily supports up to 500 users online. Having altered some configurations, it is possible to reach good results. (to learn more about the instrument, find additional information on the official website - Lumen.)
  • OctoberCMS based on Laravel - is a Laravel-based CMS. It is renowned for its high flexibility, marketplace with plugins and its own community. We apply it so that we could build high-quality and secure corporate websites as well as create premium-class projects. To find more information on the CMS, follow the link OctoberCMS.


In the light of constantly changing demand and supply, the requirements posed by clients on future websites are becoming more and more unique, therefore, the realization of such web-projects with the help of the existing CMSs either is impossible or entails large-scale projects with a great amount of unnecessary code, which, in essence, slows down the page load as well as website’s functionality in general. As a result, the optimal solution in this case would be the application of frameworks, which allow to realize totally unique websites, customized to any client’s requirement.

Below, with the assistance of Google Trends, we have compared the popularity indicators of 2 PHP frameworks (Laravel and Symfony), a popular platform for Type3 corporate website development, and 2 versions of E-commerce system Magento 1 and Magento 2.

If you take a look at the figures, Laravel Framework considerably outperforms its counterparts and possesses a constantly increasing positive tendency.


Based on our personal experience and recent web-technology tendencies, we utilize the PHP Laravel platform, which, apart from conquering the leading positions in its domain, also is actively developing, opening for developers as well as users completely new horizons. Currently, thanks to the application of this framework, our specialists enjoy new possibilities:

  • The possibility to easily upload libraries, the installation of which is necessary to realize a certain project (applying Composer manager);
  • The utilization of the most recent PHP versions;
  • A regular update of the previous versions of the framework, which, in its turn, allows to keep up to date and correspond to the newest tendencies;
  • The utilization of Dotenv library to be able to store data in a secure place;
  • The support of autoloading standard PSR-4 for file structuring;
  • The management of certain class dependencies with the assistance of IoC-container;
  • The possibility to check requests for controllers;
  • The application of Eloquent ORM pattern to work with databases;
  • The availability of Flysystem instruments to be able to work with storage file systems which function like dropbox;
  • The Elixir tool to optimize the project by means of processing, uniting, and compressing JavaScript and CSS files;
  • Homestead and Rocketeer instruments. The first tool provides an environment for project development, including all configured and ready-to-use components. As regards the second instrument, it allows you to work with projects, which were developed on other platforms;
  • The possibility to work with HHVM – an environment for PHP development, created by Facebook specialists and is renowned for its distinctive performance.


Being experts in the domain of IT, we will take care of all Laravel technical features. Thus, the only things you should know about Laravel is that it is:

  • Popular - there are lots of professional developers, which basically means that it reduces the development costs.
  • Modern - it possesses a huge community, various integrations, and ready solutions.
  • Quick - your future project will be extremely rapid, which, in its turn, can increase positive client feedback, thus improving your SEO and, as a result, your profit.
  • Secure - you will forget about such notions as hacking and vulnerabilities which are common for 90% of all websites based on WordPress, Type3, etc.

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