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Magento 2 DevelopmentEach successful company always tries to keep up to date and, therefore, applies state-of-the-art technologies to run its business, and e-commerce is not an exception. In fact, on the e-commerce market, Magento 2 is steadily gaining momentum. Being a Magento agency from Duesseldorf, we do support your drive to create a better web-store and we are ready to help you develop a shop on the basis of the new platform Magento 2.

Our company also suggests applying an updated version of the well-known e-commerce Magento platform: Magento 2. The updated system provides even wider opportunities for running an e-commerce business and possesses new great powerful features, which are not available in the previous versions.

Difference from Magento 1 and Magento 2

Magento 2 dramatically simplifies the cooperation with other platforms, thus, allowing to work with certain modules without any intervention in the main code, has an absolutely new file structure as well as extended payment options. 100% adaptability to testing conduction, a new level of security, a simplified utilization of API while working with modules, and simple platform installation as well as update processes are considered as being remarkable advantages of this CMS.

What's new in Magento 2?

The developers of our company, while working with Magento 2, are able to offer you the following:

  • New technologies: the system is based on HTML5, completely adapted to work with mobile devices, thanks to CSS3 and RequireJS libraries possesses a high page load speed, supports new visual effects, and works with PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.6.
  • Maximum configuration opportunities to meet the clients’ requirements, thanks to an updated modular code, layered navigation, incorporated API, and XML validation.
  • A simplified work at the Front End stage: the possibility to make different alterations on your website without any changes to the principal web-site’s functionality; quick and comfortable work with CSS; the availability of Blank Theme, which you can personalize according to your business necessities; a simplified scheme for designing new themes as well as modifying the old ones.
  • Reducing expenditures on system update;
  • High performance indicators and maximum universality: new indexes, integration with Varnish Cache, the availability of productivity instruments, full page caching, the possibility of creating several administrators;
  • The availability of numerous tests, which allow to conduct a system check in a rapid and simple manner.

Want to learn more about Magento 2? To find detailed information on the platform, please visit the official Magento website. To download the most recent version of the Magento 2 platform, go to Magento’s page on GitHub.

Magento 1 to 2 Migration - PLANNING & Cost Estimation

One of the services that our Magento Agency offers is the assistance with the migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2. As you know, on November, 1, 2018, Magento enterprise will stop supporting the 1st version of the platform.

It is still unclear what will happen to Magento 1 when this particular day comes. We can only make some assumptions. However, there is another option: website development on the basis of Magento 2 and continuation of getting company’s support (updates, security patches, new extensions, etc.).

Our Magento 2 services

We are a comprehensive development cycle agency which is able to provide you with a complex of services, necessary for successful internet project development as well as its maintenance. Here are some services of ours related to Magento 2:

In case you still have some questions regarding web-stores based on Magento 2 CMS, do not hesitate to contact us by filling in the “contact us” form, and our specialists will be glad to help you.

Besides, if needed, we can offer you a free demo shop, developed on the basis of Magento 2, for you to be able to get familiar with a new system.

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