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Magento DevelopmentOur company is a Magento Internet agencyDuesseldorf which provides a comprehensive development cycle: from planning and Magento CMS installation to launching and supporting the functioning web-store. To get a work plan and approximate development costs, please contact us. We will be glad to help you.

About Magento eCommerce

Magento Shop is a great assistant when it comes to creating an online store for it is a multifunctional content management system which possesses an outstanding flexibility, allowing developers and website owners to configure the look, content and functioning of the web-resource according to their necessities. The system’s admin panel is known for its user-friendly interface and powerful tools to manage catalogues, which, in their turn, provide an opportunity to find unique solutions, meeting all client’s requirements. Thanks to such approach, the search engine optimization of your website becomes way much easier than before. Our company decided in favor of this CMS because of its astonishing flexibility, wide range functionalities, and excellent support.

Our services as a Magento agency

Magento Solutions PartnerMagento, being a Zend-framework based system, has all the functionalities necessary for running a web-store. Thus, working with such system, our specialists can offer you some great functions which will definitely draw your attention: Magento Certified Developer

  • The possibility to simultaneously manage several web-stores right from the same admin-panel;
  • The programming interface supports the integration of third party software;
  • The availability of SEO-friendly attributes;
  • A comfortable pricing configuration with the possibility to indicate bulk discounts;
  • RSS-channels for the purpose of promoting recently-added products;
  • Integration with a list of the most popular world payment systems;
  • The possibility to create advanced reports on products and orders;
  • Cross-selling – a system which offers your visitors some additional products and services, thus attracting your customer to purchase more items;
  • Real time check-out;
  • Support for multi-store, different languages and currencies;
  • Optimized work with images and water marks.

Detailed? To learn more about Magento CMS, you can find additional information on Wikipedia, or on Magento’s official website.

Frequently asked questions about Magento

Do you develop websites on the basis of Magento?

Yes, we are a comprehensive development cycle Magento agency.

How much does a Magento store cost?

It all depends on client’s necessities as well as requests. Our main objective is to create a high-quality IT product and help clients reach their goals.

Do you happen to have a demo shop based on Magento 1?

Yes. In case you need to try a demo Magento-1-based store, upon your request, we can send you a link with such a shop as well as provide you with the access to the web-store administration panel. Apart from it, we can offer a free introductory consultation and our specialist will demonstrate all the possibilities of a Magento 1 webstore.

Do you develop Magento 2 webshops?

Yes, indeed. Magento 2 is an updated version of its predecessor. However, there are some nuances you should to take into consideration. In order to learn more about the second version of the platform, the services as well as opportunities it offers, please visit our page on Magento 2.

Which version to choose: Magento 1 or Magento 2?

In essence, it does not matter that much, but Magento 2 is considered as being a more perspective one since in a while Magento 1 will not be supported anymore. However, according to Google Trends, Magento 1 is not going to give the pas to the second version in Germany. Perhaps, the problem consists in the lack of specialists as well as considerable expenditures to maintain, develop, and support a webstore based on Magento 2.

Where is your company geographically situated?

The office with the main staff is situated in Dusseldorf, however, we also hire freelance workers from other European countries.

How can we order a webstore development or get consultancy services?

It’s a piece of cake. The only thing you need to do is to visit our order page and fill in some suggested fields. The data inserted will help us get ready for a subsequent contact with you.

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