Website optimization - a complex of technologies and standards applied to reach high SEO indicators, ensure security, website rapidity and CRT. 

The technologies are constantly developing, the competition is increasing in all Internet niches, and the standards to gain clients are changing. 

Website optimization: SEO, SMO, SEA

Currently, when it comes to website optimization, experts define the following requirements:

  • a website should be quick (around 200 ms for a server response);
  • a website should be secure (HTTPS certificate);
  • a website should be checked whether there are some vulnerabilities to evade malicious attacks and data loss;
  • a website should be online 24/7;
  • a website should possess an intuitive interface and high-quality content (pictures / texts);
  • a website should be optimized in terms of SEO;
  • before launching a website, it should pass all the tests run by a human being as well as correspond to system requirements.

Important! We do all these tasks in a predetermined manner during the process of website development.


Even when our specialists are done with creating a website, their job does not come to the end. In order to ensure maximum efficiency of a newly created web-resource, we need to effectuate its optimization. Therefore, we implement the security optimization of the software part as well as the server (hosting), and spot out all possible errors which can pop up during the working process. Thanks to such approach, we are able to provide all the necessary security measures to prevent an unauthorized access to the website’s data. Apart from it, there are lots of things to be done when it comes to conversion funnel optimization - to put it in layman’s language, we analyze how comfortable the website is for its users and, if necessary, make some alterations to its interface. At the same time, the work in the sphere of search engine optimization is still going on.

Analyzing the reaction of search engine systems to a recently developed website.

We make some adjustments in its working mechanism, getting the newly created web-resource to the leading positions of search results. Besides, we do pay a lot of attention to the performance optimization (the page load speed as well as the capabilities to cope with heavy loads) which, basically, is one of the key indicators of website’s effectiveness. In order to finish the optimization phase, our specialists will run a comprehensive testing of the web-resource for us to be able to figure out its weak spots and, subsequently, enhance the weaknesses discovered. After that, we can consider that the website development stage is over.

Thanks to a clear and well-organized work of our specialists, we are able to create extremely efficient Internet projects which please both owners and customers.

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