Internet advertising

Google Adwords

We are a comprehensive development cycle agency which utilizes Google AdWords to ensure an effective advertising. If you would like to increase sales/orders on your website, you can contact us and we will conduct a market investigation to help you choose an appropriate AdWords campaign with high conversion rate.


Google AdWords is an advertising company from Google, the main objective of which is to find people who are searching for certain products or services. Google AdWords is an effective instrument to drive traffic to your website and is renowned for being an indispensable assistant to achieve top positions of search engine results.

In the process of advertising campaign development, we pay decent attention to the following factors:

  1. High CTR (Click Through Rates) - is a solid foundation for high conversion and as a result, orders;
  2. Long Tail Keywords - helps reach out great amount of desired users;
  3. Continual Ad Text Optimization - an appropriate keywords optimization in texts;
  4. Dedicated Account Activity - account activity is a necessary element to ensure a successful advertising campaign;
  5. Best Practices Adherence - based on our experience as well as profound investigations, we have come up with successful algorithms of conducting advertising campaigns in the Internet world.

Attention! Inappropriately developed advertising campaign will entail great expenditures with no results!

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Internet advertising

Advertising is the major component of the Internet project financial return, giving up on which with the aim of saving money can then come at a high cost to the site owner. You can lose a lot of potential customers and hardly will ensure the popularity of your web resource without using the modern means of online advertising. That is why we strongly recommend using one of the most popular today’s advertising tools – contextual advertising (Google AdWords), which will be seen by Google users, and Facebook advertising.

Advertising is the main component of an Internet project.

These services represent convenient interfaces with an abundance of advertising tools for creating ads maximum customized for your needs. You can compose your commercial messages on the basis of your budget, target audience and geographic location. And that means only your potential customers will see your message.

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