Funnel/CRT Optimization

After launching a website we work on removing metrics and forming the overall picture. With these data in hand, we conduct block optimization units. At this stage the work is carried out in several directions. First of all, we analyze the CTR (click-through rate) of the main website elements, its "hot spots" and draw diagrams. With these data, we optimize the location of the elements to make the website convenient for users and fully satisfy their needs.

Funnel and CRM optimization

In order to keep visitors’ attention, we analyze their activity on the website: how quickly they have left the page, what exactly has interested them and what is the percentage of users whose activity we need. Moreover, we analyze which way the user gets to the desired page in order to remove possible logical inconsistencies and annoying elements, making the customer’s path to the goal fast and easy. Finally, we analyze page visits and identify content that is the most interesting for users. It will then be improved to attract even more visitors to the site. 

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