Performance Optimization

Website Performance Optimization

All website pages should score more than 90 points of Google Page Speed Tools. As you might have already guessed, our website possesses outstanding results. In order to verify the efficiency of our web-resource, please follow the Awescode check link. 

Website Performance OptimizationMake the website faster

Working in this direction, our specialists go through three main phases. At the first one the scripts and website pages are optimized on the front-end, i.e. while writing static HTML and dynamic JavaScript. Then specialists improve the performance of framework or CMS (Magento Shop, Wordpress Blog, OctoberCMS). And finally, they increase the back-end performance indicators as much as possible. If server performance is not good enough, the website is moved to another proven and fast hosting server.

All website which we create for our clients possess more than 95 points in Google PageSpeed Tools. 

To-do-list for the best result

Google Page SpeedWhat is to be optimized:

  • JS and CSS files compressed;
  • HTML document compressed;
  • all website pictures are optimized;
  • server optimization conducted;
  • caching and GZIP file compression are activated;
  • To achieve good results, a website should be appropriately developed since not every web-resource can be optimized.

Important! Having checked our website, we encourage you to do the same with your web-resource. In case, it doesn’t reach 85 points, then your website will need optimization.

Why is my Website so slow?

It is a serious problem when a website loads too slowly or cannot handle a huge number of visitors. User (your potential client) will not wait for a page to load and will go to competitor’s site. Your web resource will become less effective and bring lower profit as a result. Moreover, while ranking the websites, search engines pay attention to the page loading speed. Based on our experience, we can tell for sure that there is no such thing as too much SEO.

Good speed and performance of the website are essential for visitors.

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