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Our SEO agency in DĂĽsseldorf will provide you with a simple article about search engine optimization. You can familiarize yourself with the basics as well as find out the algorithms that we use for our work, and then contact us if necessary. Upon your request, we can conduct a free SEO analysis (Read more about SEO package from our online marketing agency in DĂĽsseldorf) and give a piece of advice on further actions to optimize your website.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a comprehensive approach to the website development, its content and positioning on the Internet that includes a number of activities aimed at displaying the web resource in key positions in the search engine results. Thus, as many as possible visitors are attracted to the website that surely brings economic benefits to the company that owns the site. 

SEO in Google

SEO Assistance for you

  1. Organic Index - websites of our competitors.
  2. Meta Title - this is a page title. it should contain a search word.
  3. URL - your website should have an appropriate structure.
  4. Meta Description - a brief description of your website using SEO keywords.
  5. Search Keywords - a user inserts certain words when he/she wants to find your web page.
  6. Google Adwords - Paid ads. A perfect source for relevant users.
  7. Complex Work - within the scopes of SEO, we perform a complex work that allows us to make the website more effective in terms of search engines. 

Tip! SEO has no other secrets. All you have to do is to provide a high quality website with useful content for the user.

Search engine optimization is a science that includes a set of measures leading to the desired goal – finding the site in the top positions in response to the particular search engine (Google, Bing) queries.
To achieve these objectives one should start working with SEO professionals at the stage of website planning, so that the search engine optimization expert can pay attention to the technical aspects of the site development, content that is correct in terms of SEO and suitable design. However, the complex of works does not end here – SEO specialists still have to perform many tasks after the project launch, so that the website will not only be placed in the first lines of search engine results, but also will keep its high positions as long as possible.

Simplified plan for a complex SEO process.

SEO in DuesseldorfAt the stage of SEO we conduct a complex of works that allows us to make the operation of the website more effective in terms of search engines. First of all, we scan the website for errors by checking its keyword density, the uniqueness of headings, the correctness of the html code in terms of common mistakes, the accuracy of page layout and usability, the presence of broken links and duplicates, spelling and punctuation mistakes, and a number of technical issues (e.g., Responsive Design, Mobile Website, or AMP).

After that we build the semantic kernel of the site, i.e. a set of words and phrases that represent the website theme as closely as possible. The aim is to determine the search engine queries that users enter to find the information published on your website. Then we create a partition map and select relevant content for the desired goals and pages.

The position of the website on the top of search engine result pages mostly depends on its content. It should be noted that we use the automated tools for data collection in our work, for example IOCheck is a robot that removes metrics from Google Index. Our robot works for us :)

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