Load test and debug

Testing and DebuggingAt the final stage of website optimization process the web resource is tested for failures. The weak points of the website are identified during this last phase for the purpose of their elimination. Our specialists will check, in particular, the load on your Internet resource (that is the level of server resource consumption during the operation of the site), security failures (not a slightest mistake is allowed in this part, as it affects the entire operation of the website, its reputation and users’ personal data), SEO mistakes (the presence of which can significantly lower your website position in search engine results), defects in the page construction (HTML), and bugs in the server part. 

Important! At the stage of website launch, even an insignificant error might entail unpleasant consequences.

Furthermore, we carry out DDOS testing. Do not be afraid of this method – a completely controlled short DDOS attack allows us to check the vulnerability of the website in fault-tolerance in case of high load. By doing so, we will be able to analyze the website performance and make corrections to its operation if necessary.

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