Web Security

Web SecurityWebsite security optimization is a top priority that should be given maximum attention. If a website contains a virus or is vulnerable to hacker attacks, it turns from a useful tool into a problem generator. An attacker can hack into the site, place on it any illegal content, use the personal data of your users or install hidden links and a lot more. Their motivation can be very different – varying from just bragging to personal gain. It can result in significant damage to your company's reputation and user loyalty. To avoid these unfortunate events our specialists conduct thorough examination and optimization in two areas – software (Laravel - OctoberCMS, WordPress, M1 or M2) and server (hosting) security.

Working on the software reliability, we will verify the absence of vulnerabilities that allow hackers to gain access to the databases, administrative panel or file system. If site operation is built on one of the popular CMS, you should update it regularly to the latest version. If a website contains independently developed scripts, one should scan it by means of special pitfall detectors and check the source code using static analysis tools. Finally, remember about the correct configuration of the website.

Important! Together these testing methods will not give hackers any chance. 

While checking and optimizing security of the server, which hosts your Internet resource, you should specify such configuration that will ensure minimum freedom of action not affecting the operation of the website and set up mechanisms that will control the integrity of the file and backup systems.

HTTPS Certificate


Each project requires an HTTPS (SSL) certificate since it has become a modern standard for internet usage. A good certificate significantly increases the security of a website when it comes to data transmission and is considered as being a positive SEO factor for search engines.

Web hosting, Cloud or Dedicated Server

For a safe and fast operation of the website, we create all websites on Linux-based servers.
All of our projects run on optimized Ubuntu or Debian servers. As a web server, we use Nginx, for temporary storage Varnish, Redis, Memcache.

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