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WordPress - is the most popular platform in the world when it comes to building blogs.

The projects our Internet Agency develops are always based on the instruments, which are optimal for finding a solution for a certain task. Thus, for web-stores we utilize Magento and Magento 2 whereas for corporate websites, huge projects with high attendance, custom web-resources, we apply Laravel. In some cases, we can also use WordPress in order to create a decent blog for your company.


There is a problem on the IT service market: many companies use WordPress as a platform for all kinds of websites since it does not require much effort.

However, unfortunately, many WordPress-based websites our clients asked our assistance with do have a huge list of problems which can be solved by redeveloping the whole website only. Each instrument can be extremely utile, especially, when it is applied for its intended purpose.

For instance: if one decides to use hammer or spanner to screw a bolt, he/she will not be able to reach the desired result, simply because a wrong instrument is applied. The same thing happens in the IT world. Each tool is intended to solve a certain task.

WordPress - CMS for blogs

One of the options, which our developers suggest when it comes to website creation, is the development of a web-resource on basis of WordPress. Basically, it is a CMS with open-source code which is written in PHP. The creation of a Web-resource on this platform possesses some unique advantages and, therefore, WordPress enjoys high consideration among developers as well as users.

We are not going to conceal the fact that one of the reasons why many people give their preference to this CMS, of course, apart from its simple installation, utilization, and configuration, is its possibility to use it free of charge, which makes it particularly attractive for small-scale enterprises, the budget of which is somewhat limited.

At the same time, from the client’s perspective, the system is quite user-friendly: with the help of a simple editor which can be easily mastered because of its intuitive interface, you will be able to add new content. When you decide to extend functionalities of your website, all you will have to do is to install plugins, which in most cases are available free of charge. And taking into consideration the popularity of this system in the Web-world, it is possible to find any information and get answers to all questions which pop up during the working process. Another advantage the WordPress is renowned for is its decent security, providing the guarantee of preventing the system hacking.

However, it is worth mentioning that to develop unique websites or large-scale web-stores with wide range functionalities, it is better to apply more adapted to such objectives CMS.

Nevertheless, if it is about creating a blog, news resource, simple static website, gallery, portfolio or catalogue, the utilization of WordPress is one of the best options to achieve your goal.

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